About Us

Back in May 2023, AI Directly was founded in Markham, Ontario, with a self-imposed mandate to assist organizations and individuals in riding the AI wave, particularly through the application of ChatGPT. We have rolled out a handful of products to the market, as detailed in the descriptions above. We also have other products in development.

If you would like to learn more about us in any topic, including our team, career opportunities, or investor relations, please click on the ChatGPT bubble located at the bottom-right corner of this webpage and start chatting with AI-Directly Master, which is the FirmGPT implemented for our own. We are also available through:

It's time for organizations to modify team DNA by implementing AI. We are here to help.


We help you hire ChatGPT to do your Customer Service and Sales Representative jobs.

Through our FirmGPT, a AI-powered SaaS system, we tailor and integrate ChatGPT into your website and app to respond to online service requests and sales inquiries.

FirmGPT is designed to expand enterprise service capacity, promote customer engagement, and axe service costs. Outperforming chatbots and human beings, it can be utilized by a wide array of organizations and individuals including firms, funds, non-profits, governments, politicians, and more. For case studies, ask us about successful implementations available on our clients' websites. The FirmGPT deployed on this website can also give you a good idea of how it works.

Thanks to ChatGPT's extensive and profound knowledge and sophisticated intelligence, FirmGPT offers many advanced features:

By choosing FirmGPT, you're not just improving customer service, you're revolutionizing it. Why not transform today?


Our TextingGPT system brings ChatGPT to SMS, making today's most advanced AI accessible to a much broader population simply through cellphone text messaging. This system and service are especially valuable for those marginalized by technology, reconnecting them with cutting-edge AI, the future.

Implementing TextingGPT alongside our FirmGPT offers a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to serve a wider customer base as well as their field employees, with a GPT fine-tuned with firm-specific information.

Its advantages are evident in several key areas:

TextingGPT is also released with additional features, including Echo Translation, Stock Market Forecasting, Topline News, Mock Interview, Debate Simulation, and a text game Atlantis.

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Please text to +1 (647) 294-7567 and have a direct experience.

Enterprise Natural Language API

We help enterprises build their Natural Language API (NLAPI). Powered by ChatGPT, our NLAPI application is designed and developed to transform how enterprises interact through IT infrastructure. It was once a sophisticated high-end technology owned by only a few countable IT giants like Google and IBM, now available to our clients of any size.

Here's what makes our Enterprise NLAPI a game-changer:

Our Enterprise Natural Language API is more than just an application; it's a transformative technology that empowers businesses to streamline operations, significantly cut development and maintenance workloads and costs, and enhance communication across various platforms. For organizations looking to innovate and improve their information exchange capabilities, our NLAPI paved the way to the future of enterprise communication.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system and service offer a modern security solution that helps applications send out one-time passcodes (OTP) to users' cell phones through SMS.

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, this state-of-the-art security feature is designed to protect users from unauthorized access and enhance the overall security of various application systems. With an extra layer of security for their data and systems, this MFA SaaS allows businesses to benefit from an effective and reliable authentication process that significantly reduces the risk of cyber attacks.

In a landscape where cybersecurity can be expensive and complex, two key advantages of our MFA SaaS are its affordability and simplicity, making it a cost-effective solution for medium and small businesses looking to fortify their web applications without compromising on security.

Derived from the innovative TextingGPT platform, our MFA SaaS is a cloud-deployed open API designed and engineered with a profound and robust security schema, ensuring ease of access and integration for any application. The cloud-based nature ensures the MFA SaaS itself is always up-to-date with the latest security protocols, providing continuous protection against emerging threats.

* Multi-Factor Authentication is sometimes referred to as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Virtual Persona

Before establishing the company, the founder envisioned creating virtual personas to help families create the digital presence of their departed loved ones, such as grandparents. These virtual personas allow family members to seek comfort, share feelings, and consult for advice on decision-making as if their loved ones were still with them. Please contact us for details.